16 Steps for Data Privacy

16 Crucial Steps to Take for Data Privacy

In today’s internet age it’s imperative to be aware of your vulnerabilities. While getting hacked might seem trivial in the context of a single social media account or email address, each small breach is indicative of a larger issue, your data security. Remember, unsecured data in the hands of the wrong person could lead to … Continued

June 22, 2015
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A Bad Week for Passwords

This has been the week of the password database breach: first LinkedIn, followed quickly by eHarmony and then by last.fm. The scale has been large: LinkedIn reported that 6.5 million password hashes were posted on the Internet (they have about 161 million users), eHarmony confirmed the loss of about 1.5 million password hashes, and last.fm … Continued

June 8, 2012
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Will passwords die?

Short answer: No. Passwords, passphrases, codes, PINs: They’re everywhere. And in many cases they are good enough. Will we have biometric readers at ATMs? Someday, maybe. But for now a four-digit PIN provides sufficient security while maintaining usability. I recently moved my IP phone into a shared phone room/recording studio at my coworking space. I … Continued

December 5, 2011