oneID, Inc

Modern Security. Simple for Developers.

oneID allows you to create safe, secure, identity products using our powerful, security and encryption platform.

Building A Safer Eco-System.


From deployment to authorization and authentication, oneID allows you to always have end-to-end control.


Using smart key management along with a simple revocation system, oneID can secure almost every part of your connected business.


oneID provides a simple and secure way to provision devices so consumers can have a safe connected home.

Solutions for the connected world.

Security First

oneID relies on multiple signatures for communication, which includes individual keys, and device ID keys. This means if a server or a user is compromised, then the device IDs just get reissued, and the private/ public key pairs never have to change.

API’s & SDK’s

oneID is a powerful, security and encryption platform that allows you to create a multitude of safe, secure, identity products.


We understand that usernames and passwords do not make for the best possible usability experience.


At oneID, we combine IoT manufacturing experience along with Award Winning Identity Management via our Trustable Federated Identity Platform.

Smart Key Management

Our solutions prevent manufacturers from having to reissue key pairs in case of a breach. Additionally, we can do the key pair exchange in the background without the customer specifically doing "security" stuff.

Simple Installation

We authorize devices, we protect those devices, and we keep products easy to use. We can wrap the oneID solution around multiple Network/Internet Layer protocols.


The device ID is only stored with oneID and is used for the co-signing process. That means no PKI certificate revocation with updates signed by a compromised certificate. You can revoke a smart device’s ID, and oneID will no longer co-sign requests.

Trustable Solutions

Our team members have built some of the leading and most awarded IoT devices on the market from the ground up (including WeMo, Linksys, and Wink).

We can build a solution that’s right for you.

Contact us and let us know how we can help secure your product and simplify everything for you and your users.