oneID, Inc

Building The Future Of Security.

Located in the heart of SoMa in San Francisco, we use our security and encryption platform to build solutions for the Internet of Things, industrial devices, business applications, and consumer tools.

Our Mission.

We believe that security and digital identities can be built smarter by taking advantage of modern technology. The growth of connected devices is increasing exponentially and the vulnerability of those devices and identities are inevitable. We think that a modern solution should be created to stop the foreseeable problems before they exist.

Our Technology.

Using different configurations of public and private key cryptography coupled with the verification of encrypted digital signatures, we are able to create safe and secure methods for devices to communicate with each other.

Our encryption methods are used to secure devices connected to the Internet of Things, create seemless ways for consumers to interact with personal devices and websites, and make transactions safer and more secure.

We can build a solution that’s right for you.

Contact us and let us know how we can help secure your product and simplify everything for you and your users.