oneID, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

General Questions

Easily. We have hundreds of organizations who use oneID to make it easier to donate online. If a non profit or political organization is using our QuickDonate product, your information will be used to help you speed through the donation.

Nothing. We are huge proponents of putting you in charge of your information. We don’t sell it, track it, or share it to further our business. It’s your information, not ours.

The only thing we know about you is your email address. We have zero ability to see what information is stored in your oneID as it’s encrypted at your device and only you can unlock that information. If you lose your device or your recovery phrase, we can’t help you other than completely erase the account.

Today it is perfect for securely storing and using your personal information, including all those usernames and passwords you need for the 743 sites you log into regularly. With oneID in your browser (that’s the key we were referring to above) and the oneID mobile app, your oneID is secure and completely under your control.

Also today, you can donate online using the information in your oneID. We created a super easy donation flow that makes it easier to give online.

Unlike pretty much everywhere else, oneID uses a ‘key’ on your device(s) to know it’s you rather than yet another username and password. That ‘key’ is personal to you and needs to be on the device for your information to be shared. So, if someone tried to log into your oneID account on another device using your email address — they can’t get it, since that device doesn’t have a key.

You can also choose to require you to approve use of your oneID through the oneID mobile app on your phone. So, if you wanted to login using oneID on your computer, before the information is released, you’d have to approve it on your mobile phone.

We have rebuilt how you identify yourself from the ground up. Rather than a piece of information (username and password) that is annoying and easily breached, we use digital keys on your device. Those keys encrypt and lock your information locally at your computer (think of it as chopping up your information into a zillion pieces). Your encrypted data is then sent up to the oneID cloud storage ‘safe’ repository and remains safely there until you ask for it from any device that has your unique key.

Your encrypted data is then sent back to the device that has your oneID ‘key’, where it is decrypted and then shared with a website, login, form, etc., with your consent. All of that happens in a split second.

If for some reason, the oneID gets hacked, that data is completely useless without the ‘key’ that is stored on your device that unlocks your data. Each oneID user has his/her own key – so there is no risk of any mass breach.

oneID is your online identity — securely stored, simple to use and completely under your control. With oneID, your information is saved as you use the internet (like all those horrible usernames and passwords), and you can use the information in your oneID to login, complete forms, make donations and buy online. oneID lets you share your personal information in a simple click or tap.

oneID is free to use and setting up a oneID account is quick and easy. Get started here.

Login Questions

Nothing. We are huge proponents of putting people in charge of their information. We don’t sell it, track it, or share it to further our business

The only thing we know about a oneID account is the email address. We have zero ability to see what information is stored in a oneID account as it’s encrypted at the device.

oneID is the only digital identity solution that provides end-to-end security through independent digital signatures across two (or more) devices. Where other out-of-band solutions, like SMS verification, can easily be attacked (number porting, spoofing, MITB, MITM, Eurograbber), oneID’s architecture is immune to today’s most common attacks.

oneID works with devices people already have – laptops, tablets, smartphones – and does not require another token or device.

And oneID is easy to use for you and your users.

Yes. When a user has a oneID, they can choose when and where to add an extra layer of security. For a site looking to use oneID login, you can require it for login.

oneID Login is the easiest way for your users or customers to log into your site — without the pain of usernames of passwords. By using digital signatures on your site, on the user’s device and from the oneID cloud — oneID eliminates the risk for breach by removing the target.