oneID, Inc.

Our Mission

We are a passionate group of software and hardware builders who are sick of cumbersome, inadequate access control. Better technology is available. Today. Just sitting on the shelf. Why aren’t folks using this stuff? We decided to do something about it.

Our goal is to utilize modern technology to eliminate the ridiculousness of shared secrets (i.e. usernames, passwords, and the like) and, in the process, create much more robust access security for applications and hardware.

We began working on oneID for IoT because of the identity and access control issues present in a significant number of IoT deployments and the challenges with utilizing legacy identity solutions to address them. IoT requires key capabilities that were simply not designed into existing solutions, but that are fully within reach of existing technologies.

We’ve struck a chord. Our vision for automating M2M trust is resonating with just about everyone we talk with.

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oneID for IoT is the only platform we know of that can provide automated bi-directional multi-factor authentication for M2M deployments and enables quick, remote recovery of breaches. oneID for IoT is device and protocol agnostic and can work in any environment or application.

EC NSA Suite B
NIST p256 curve
Python, nodeJS. More coming soon.
Communication Protocols
Device Requirements
agnostic, <1MB + SSL library
CLI and Reference Implementations
Cloud (AWS), Private Cloud (coming), On-Premise (coming)
CLI, Admin Portal, API hooks for NOC/SOC